【myhyperBook】Terms of Service

1. Terms of Recognition and Consent

UMBA Corp. provides the 「myhyperBook」 (http://www.dowdu.tw/) service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") in accordance with these Terms of Service. By using the service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms of this service. 「myhyperBook」 reserves the right to modify or alter the Terms of Service at any time, and we suggest you to keep these changes in mind. Your continuing use of the service after any modification or change will be deemed to have been read, understood and agreed to accept such modifications or changes. If you do not agree with the terms of this service, you should immediately stop using the service.

2. Membership Obligations

In order to use the service, you agree to the following:
(a) provide the correct, current and complete information about yourself, as prompted by the Membership Terms of Service.
(b) maintain and update your personal data to ensure that it is correct, current and complete. If you provide any inaccurate, inaccurate or incomplete information, 「myhyperBook」 has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use all or part of the service.

3. Member Account, Password

After completing the service registration process, please note that it is your responsibility to keep your password and account secure. You agree to the following:
(a) You will notify 「myhyperBook」 immediately when your password or account has any security issue.
(b) Sign out of your account each time you are connected.

4. Privacy Policy

Information about your membership registration and other specific information are protected and regulated in accordance with the 「myhyperBook」 privacy policy. You understand that when you use the service, you agree the 「myhyperBook」 may collect and use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy.

5. Users Compliance Commitments

You undertake not to use the service for any unlawful purpose and commit to comply with all applicable national laws and international practice in use of the internet. You agree and warrant that you will not use the service to engage in acts that infringe upon the rights and interests of others or that violate the law, including but not limited to:
A. Upload, publish or transmit any defamatory, insulting, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, untrue, violate public order or good faith or other unlawful contents in any form.
B. Infringement of reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, other intellectual property rights.
C. The use of this service in the name of others.
D. Transmission or distribution of any computer code containing computer viruses as to cause computer hardware or software interruption, destruction or restriction.
E. To engage in unlawful transactions or post false or untrue information.
F. To spam advertisings, emails, chain letters, illegal multi-level marketing messages and so on.
G. To harm minors in any way.
H. Falsifying the information sources or in any way to interfere the information sources.
I. To Interfere or disrupt the service or the servers or networks connected to the service, or non-compliance with the relevant rules, policies of the service.
J. Tracking or interfere personal information of other people, collect or store information of other people for the purposes of the foregoing.
K.Other acts that 「myhyperBook」 justifies to be considered as inappropriate.

6. Commercial Use

You agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, trade, resell or otherwise make any commercial use of any part of the service (including: membership, advertising, software and accounts etc..

7. Membership Behavior

Information, text, software, audio, photos, graphics, video or other materials (the "Content") posted by the member (s) is / are the sole responsibility of the content provider. 「myhyperBook」 does not control the content posted via the service and therefore does not guarantee its correctness, completeness, or quality. IN NO EVENT SHALL 「myhyperBook」 BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONTENT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS, AND ANY LOSS OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM POST, EMAIL OR TRANSMISSION THROUGH THE SERVICE. You understand that 「myhyperBook」 does not preview any content, but 「myhyperBook」 reserves the right to deny or remove any member content provided through the service in its sole discretion. Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions, 「myhyperBook」 and their designees have the right to remove any content that may be offensive or violates to the terms of service or the laws. When you use any content, you agree that you must evaluate and assume all risks in respect of the correctness, completeness, or usefulness of the content. You acknowledge and agree that in case 「myhyperBook」 is required to keep or disclose your account information to a government agency, judicial police or guardian of a minor within the scope of a legal requirement or for the following purposes, (A) comply with the requirements of the act or government agencies. (B) it is necessary to provide the service. (C) it is necessary to prevent the significant harm of the rights and interests of others. (D) it is to exempt the user and the public life, property on the urgent danger. You understand that the service and the software contained in the service may contain security elements that protect the digital material, which must be used in accordance with the rules made by 「myhyperBook」 or the content provider. You may not attempt to disrupt or circumvent any use rules contained in the service. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, distribution or public display
of all or part of the information provided by the service is strictly prohibited.

8. Copyright infringement treatment

You understand and agree that we will protect the copyright and handle copyright infringement in accordance with our copyright protection policy. If you deem that any use of the content on the 「myhyperBook」 by the users has infringed your copyright, please write to us and provide us with related information. If you use the service in the event of infringement, 「myhyperBook」 will suspend or terminate your service in whole or in part.

9. General Measures of Use and Storage

You agree that 「myhyperBook」 may impose general measures and restrictions on the service including, but not limited to, the maximum period during which the service will retain messages, discussion forums, or other uploaded content in the site, the quantity restriction of messages which may be sent and received by the service within one account. You agree that 「myhyperBook」 is not responsible for the removal or non-storage of any messages, communications and content maintained or transmitted by the service. You also agree that the service may delete an account that is unused for a long time. You also agree that 「myhyperBook」 reserves the right to change these general measures and restrictions at any time, in accordance with their own considerations, whether notified or not.

10. Links to other websites

This service or third-party vendors may provide links to other websites or web properties. You may therefore link to sites operated by other operators, but it does not imply that 「myhyperBook」 has any relationship with such operators. Other operators are responsible for the operation of the site, it is not within 「myhyperBook」 control and responsibility. 「myhyperBook」 does not guarantee its suitability, dependability, immediacy, validity, correctness and completeness for any search results or external links. You agree that the service shall not be liable for any damages arising out of any link to a site that is not part of 「myhyperBook」.

11. Notification

If you are required by law or other relevant requirements to be notified, 「myhyperBook」 may include, but is not limited to: 「myhyperBook」 inbound mail, general email, newsletters, text messages, postings on the service website or other reasonable manners to inform you, including changes to these Terms of Service. By accessing this service in an authorized manner, you agree to the Terms of Service that any notices sent to you by 「myhyperBook」 are deemed to be served.

12. Change of The Service

「myhyperBook」 reserves the right at any time, without notice to modify or temporarily or permanently discontinue the continued offering of the service or any part thereof. You agree that 「myhyperBook」 is not responsible for you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service.

13. System Failure

The service may occasionally be interrupted or malfunctioned, which may result in inconvenience, loss of data, errors, tampering or other financial loss. Your use of this service should take its own protective measures. 「myhyperBook」 shall not be liable for damages caused by your use or inability to use the service, except for intent or gross negligence.


YOU EXPRESSLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT THE ACQUISITION OF THE SERVICE AND THE SOFTWARE IS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE FULL RIGHTS, COMMERCIAL SUITABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. The Service and the Software are provided to you on the basis of their current status and availability. Your use of the Service and the Software is at your own risk. 「myhyperBook」 does not guarantee the following: (A) the service and the software will meet your needs. (B) the service and the software are free from interruption, are provided in a timely manner, are secure or error free. (C) the results obtained from the use of the service and the software are correct or reliable (D) ANY PRODUCTS, SERVICES, INFORMATION OR OTHER MATERIAL OBTAINED BY YOU THROUGH THE SERVICE WILL MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS. (E) ERRORS IN ANY SOFTWARE WILL BE CORRECTED. Downloading or obtaining any information through the use of the service and the software is at your own risk, for any damages and loss of data to your computer system, network access, download or playback equipment resulted from the downloading of any information, you agree to disclaim any request or action against 「myhyperBook」. All recommendations and information, whether written or oral, that you obtain from 「myhyperBook」 service do not constitute an endorsement of the service or the software. You expressly understand and agree that 「myhyperBook」 shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, including but not limited to damages for profits, brand, data or other intangible losses: (A) the use or inability to use the service. (B) unauthorized access or modification of your transmission or information by any other person. (C) any third party claims or actions in respect of the service. (D) any others related to this service.

15. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

All content on the service, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, website layout, web design, membership, etc., is provided by the 「myhyperBook」 or other proprietary rights owners, including, but not limited to, trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, and know-how. Any person may not directly use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, publicly transmit, publicly perform, alter, distribute, publish, perform restoration work, decompile or reverse compile. If you wish to quote or republish the foregoing contents of the software, program or website, you must obtain the 「myhyperBook」 or other prior written consent of the right owner, unless expressly authorized by law. Respect for intellectual property rights is your obligation, if any, you should be liable for damages made to 「myhyperBook」. All marketing promotion of the service, the name of the goods or related services, drawings, etc., according to their registration or of the state of use is protected by the Trademark Law and the Fair Trade Act, etc., without 「myhyperBook」 prior written consent, you agree not to use in any manner.

16. Information / Recommendations

「myhyperBook」 does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information or advice you may obtain with respect to your use of the service or the linking to other websites through the service. 「myhyperBook」 reserves the right to modify or delete any information or suggestions provided by the service. 「myhyperBook」 will work with third parties ("content providers") from other companies and vendors to provide content such as news, newsletters and other content for the users. Based on respect to the intellectual property rights of content providers, 「myhyperBook」 does not substantially review or modify the content provided, nor it is responsible for the correctness and accuracy of such content. It is your sole responsibility to determine the correctness of such content. If you deem that something is infringing or inaccurate, please respond directly to the content provider.

17. Advertising

All advertising, text, and image descriptions, display sample, or other sales information that you view in this service are designed and made by the advertiser, product and service provider. You are responsible for the accuracy and reliability of your advertising. 「myhyperBook」 is only entrusted to publish such advertisement material, and shall not be liable for any such advertising..

18. Sale or Other Transaction

Vendors or individuals may provide merchandise, services or other transactions through the service or through other websites linked to the service. If you deal with these vendors or individuals, the sale or the contracts are only between you and the vendors or individuals. You should ask the vendor or individual to explain in advance the quality, content, delivery, warranty responsibility of the goods, services or other subject matter of the transaction. You should seek relief or settlement of any dispute arising out of such sale, service or transaction. 「myhyperBook」 clarifies it would not involve in any of your purchase, sale, service or other transaction with the vendors or individual, and does not assume any warranty responsibility for the goods, services or other subject matter.

19. Authorization to 「myhyperBook」

If you do not have the legal right to obtain, authorize, modify, reproduce, broadcast, alter, distribute, publish or publicly publish a material, you may not upload, transmit, import or provide it to 「myhyperBook」. Any information you upload, transmit, enter, or provide to 「myhyperBook」 remains the property of you or your licensors, but any data you upload, transmit, import, or provide to 「myhyperBook」 You agree to: (A) It is stored and managed by 「myhyperBook」 and is publicly available on 「myhyperBook」 related web systems, including but not limited to third-party sites that are affiliated or cooperate with 「myhyperBook」. (B) to authorize 「myhyperBook」 to use, modify, made available, reproduce, distribute, publish, publicly transmit, publicly display, translate, and so forth, and to sublicense the foregoing rights to others for the purposes of public welfare, promotion or operation of 「myhyperBook」 and the services. You warrant that the use, modification, reproduction, public broadcasting, alteration, distribution, publication, public transmission, public release, translation and sublicense of such information shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, if any, you agree to be liable for damages caused to 「myhyperBook」.

20. Compensation for Damage

You agree to indemnify and hold 「myhyperBook」 and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, partners and licensors harmless from any damages that may be caused by your use of the service, connection to the service, breach of the Terms of Service, or infringement of any rights of others,.

21. Restrictions and Terminations

You agree that 「myhyperBook」 may, in its sole discretion, for any reason, including but not limited : to a period of unused, court or governmental order, the service cannot continue or that the service is materially altered, the technical or security factors , the unexpected problems, or your use of the service in violation of the Terms of Service, fraudulent or illegal conduct, failure to pay a fee, terminate or restrict your use of the account (or any part thereof) or the use of the service. You also agree that 「myhyperBook」 may terminate or restrict your use of the service or any portion of it at any time, with or without notice under its sole discretion. You acknowledge and agree that 「myhyperBook」 may immediately close, delete or restrict your access to all or part of your account and all related information and files, and discontinue use of the service in whole or in part. In addition, you agree that 「myhyperBook」 is not liable to you or to any third party if the use of the service is terminated or limited.

22. Others

These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between you and 「myhyperBook」 for your use of the service. The interpretation and application of these Terms of Service and the disputes relating to these shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China and the court of first instance shall be under the jurisdiction of the Taipei District Court of Taiwan, unless otherwise provided by law. In case 「myhyperBook」 does not exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms of Service, does not constitute a waiver of any of the foregoing rights. You agree that your Account will be terminated in the event of any breach of these Terms of Service, and all of its contents will be permanently deleted.