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【myhyperBook】web service platform

In line with the hot era of mobile Internet access,【myhyperBook】web service platform organically integrates " the virtues of printed books and the smart mobile devices" to make all categories of static & silent paper books, journals, and DMs, able to access and perform dynamic multimedias from the rich internet world.

【myhyperBook】web service platform will not only enrich the printed publications: it helps the readers more easily to absorb and comprehend the knowledge, but also it can bring a number of innovative new business-profit models to benefit the publishing houses.

By the excellent combination with the smart mobile devices, 【myhyperBook】web service platform enables you to publish physical printed publications that are able to perform new features which are deemed to be impossible traditionally, such as new Online advertising; Online shopping; Interactive services with readers; Latest discount sale information; Writers symposium press news; The book launch news, even Online lottery, Online bonus points , Online questionnaires and so on.

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